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Security Officers

On-site security officers deter potential criminal activity and protect assets. Officers can be armed or unarmed, stationary or mobile, with training in basic first aid, CCTV monitoring, life safety systems, and customer service. We cater our security team to suit each client's individual needs. Whether it be a wedding or large concert, USI has the trained and skilled personnel to handle all security needs with the utmost professionalism. USI officers are primarily veterans of all branches of service, hand selected, and personally trained to the USI level of proficiency, which well exceeds the industry standard.

About Our Security Officer Services

  • Social and Commercial Events

  • Event Centers

  • Industrial and Retail Complexes

  • Hostile Terminations

  • Asset Protection

  • Weddings / Birthdays / Funerals 

  • Private Property Protection

  • Campus or Neighborhood Foot Patrols

  • Churches, Schools, Festivals, and Other Events

  • TABC Compliance Package* 

Is your establishment having a hard time keeping patrons and staff in compliance with TABC regulations? Is there illicit drug usage, minors consumption, or alcohol illegally smuggled in to your establishment? As a business owner and or liquor licensee, the legal and financial risks of falling out of compliance with TABC and Texas legal statutes can lead to both criminal charges and insurmountable fines with legal proceedings, which could result in the removal of licensing and the forced closure of your establishment. USI has the solution to your problem. Our TABC Compliance Package is the perfect solution to regaining control of your business and ensuring compliance with TABC regulations. Increase your profit and reduce your risk and liability.

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