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Personal Protection Officers

Personal protection officers provide close protection for successful entrepreneurs and politically connected figures. Many executives, celebrities, athletes, CEOs and their families use bodyguards during travel and while attending public events to reduce the risk of assault and public harassment. USI supports the United States Constitution and believes all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, personal protection is not a service that we reserve exclusively for the wealthy and well connected. We believe all people deserve equal protection and safety in the environment and location of their choosing.  With USI, we cater to our client’s needs by offering a variety of personalized personal protection details to suit every situation. Our Personal Protection Packages are customized to meet both the demands of our clientele and assure maximum protection from any threat that may arise. Our personal protection officers are veteran police and ex-police officers, with many being licensed EMTs or registered nurses. The team's membership is also composed of professional former military and security specialists with decades of training and experience in the use of force and risk assessment. USI hand selects each member to fit the client’s specific protection detail based on skills, education, training, and professionalism.

About Our Personal Protection Officer Services

  • Tactical and Covert Protection Team Details

Are you in danger? Is there someone stalking you or your family, making threats or using forms of intimidation to the point where you are in fear for your life or the life and safety of your family? Unfortunately, generally before the police can become involved, it is too late. Whether you need full 24 hour bodyguard services or special assistance in dealing with a threat to you or your family's direct safety, USI’s highly skilled, trained, discrete and/or indiscrete personal protection officers have the conflict resolution skills and, if need be, combat training to deal with whatever threat level presents itself.

  • Executive Protection Package

Artists, CEOs, musicians, celebrities, politicians and other individuals who live in a world of high risk and constant threat can count on the USI Personal Protection team to insure not only their safety but cater to specific and highly fluid security situations. With USI, our VIP clientele receive a level of confidential and adaptable protection that is second to none in the industry. Whether a client is in for just a few hours to a few weeks, USI can provide the required services needed to ensure a safe, worry free trip to Texas.

  • Individual Protection Package

Personal security is not just for the rich and famous. Anyone who feels the need for personal protection can take advantage of USI’s individual protection services. Whether you need a close protection bodyguard or just want to enjoy a night out with friends or family without being at risk of crime or unprovoked violence, USI’s personal protection officer caters to each client's individual needs.

  • Asset Protection Packagels

Organized retail crime is on the rise and many retail stores are seeking qualified and able security officers to protect their assets.  With our Asset Protection Package, our clients are able to rely on capable and reliable personal protection officers that can effectively mitigate shortage and protect the establishment’s brand.

  • Vacation Chaperone Protection Package

Spring Break, school trips, peer vacations, and pre-enrollment college campus visits can lead to dangerous situations with a teenager or group of young adults. USI’s personal protection officers are highly trained at blending in and keeping a distance while providing VIP level protection for affordable prices. *Additional fees and requirements for international travel

  • Event Protection Package

Planning on attending a concert, sporting event, convention, wedding, funeral or any other event where you feel the need for personal protection? USI has you covered, with event packages that can vary depending on circumstance and as always cater directly to your needs.

  • Hostile Termination/Employee Threat Situations

​It is a difficult situation for everyone involved but hostile employees and their termination and/or removal from the premises can be a dangerous situation. With instances of workplace violence always on the rise, it is not worth taking the risk to either management or other employees in the removal of an unstable and possibly dangerous employee or soon to be terminated employee. USI personal protection officers are highly skilled and trained at discreetly resolving tense terminations and escorting terminated individuals from the campus or facility without incident and without causing a workplace disruption.

  • ATM Refill and Financial / Valuable Goods Escorting Services

Moving money is a dangerous business. With a lack of law enforcement personnel to help guarantee the movement and delivery of medium to large amounts of cash or valuables, USI is the best choice in the industry. Our highly trained officers use the latest equipment and proven tactical convoy movements to ensure safe delivery. Our highly skilled tactical teams both out-gun and have far out-trained any potential adversary or criminal element to prevent interception or theft.

  • Medical Religious and Educational Center Packages

Areas known for being “gun free zones” statistically are at a much higher risk for the possibility of an active shooter situation. Those wishing to inflict maximum damage will generally choose the softest targets. USI personal protection officers can blend into any group, event, or location with a high level of discretion while still providing the most professional and advanced protective services in the business

VIP Protection Services at affordable Pricing.

*Driver and Car Service Available*

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