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Why USI?

Despite the desperate attempts of local media to hide the growing threat of crime in Austin and it’s metro area, everyday citizens are feeling the real life impact of defunding the police and the soft stance on crime our large cities have taken. The murder rate in the Austin area has almost doubled in the last year, violent crimes take place every few minutes, and vehicle and property crime are completely out of control. Local police and sheriff departments do not have the resources to meet the organized and growing wave of criminal activity that this region is facing.


2021 broke murder records by near double. Austin's previous record for homicides in a single year was in 1984, when 59 deaths were reported.


Austin Police Department data shows for the first six months of 2021, theft of motor vehicle parts is up 156%. There were 570 reported instances in 2020 compared to over 1400 reported so far this year. Of the crimes spiking during the pandemic, car part theft in Austin is up over 150 percent for the first half of the year as thieves seek catalytic converters.


Violent Crime is escalating faster than the government’s limited resources can keep up.  Violent crimes, such as murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, have gone up dramatically in the Austin Metro area over the past year.


Austin police now say property crime, such as break-ins, is up across the city. Crooks are breaking into vehicles to get smartphones, computers, and garage door openers. Once inside your garage, they will have the ability  to steal what is inside your vehicle and potentially inside your house.


The Austin Police Department recently stated that they won’t be responding to non-life-threatening 911 calls. The Austin no-response announcement included vehicle collisions with no injuries and burglaries no longer in progress or where the suspect had fled the scene. Instead of calling 911, residents are being told to call 311 to file a non-emergency police report. The staffing shortages and inability to respond to non-life-threatening 911 calls is a direct result of the Austin City Council cutting $150 million of the department's budget, and other changes that were implemented affecting how the department operates.


APD police response to a shooting or stabbing is about 12.6 minutes.


USI empowers communities, businesses, event centers, the entertainment industry, as well as all those in need of security and personal protection by giving them freedom from crime while providing a safe and peaceful environment. As the community grows, violent crime, property theft and vandalism, homelessness and vagrancy issues, drugs, and gangs have drastically increased in the Austin area and across Texas. Our Officers are trained to deal with these situations in the appropriate manner to provide our clients with a safe environment to enjoy life, family and commercial gatherings, and personal protection for all occasions. Whether it be a civil or criminal matter, USI’s trained and highly skilled Investigators will get your case resolved in a timely and professional manner. With USI Security and Investigative Services, there is a solution to every problem. Contact us today and see how our services can benefit you and your business or community.


Take back your life, liberty, and property by allowing USI to ensure security in your pursuit of happiness. Contact us today for a free security assessment. - Contact Us

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