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Mobile & Neighborhood Security Patrol

Clients seeking a cost effective off-site solution prefer the flexibility of a mobile patrol service. Uniformed officers patrol a set route, checking properties for potential criminal activity, while addressing issues regarding criminal trespassing, vandalism, and alarm response.

About Our Mobile & Neighborhood Security Patrol Services

  • Professional Patrol Officers in Marked Patrol Vehicles

  • Event Parking Control and Lot Patrol 

  • Law Enforcement Traffic Control 

  • Private Property Perimeter Security

  • High and Low Visibility Patrols

  • HOA / Neighborhood Security Package

 Increase neighborhood safety and raise property values. With the increase of both property crime, vehicle burglary, and theft, USI provides an on the spot deterrent to thieves and predators seeking to victimize your community. Our officers will deter and if needed confront and detain individuals involved in any criminal activity and trespassing in your neighborhood. By using state of the art technology and visible threat deterrence, USI will strive to  keep your neighborhood streets safe both day and night.

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