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Private Investigations

Private investigators work discreetly with clients to uncover and document invaluable evidence for criminal and civil court proceedings. Our investigative team has seen it all, and with USI, you get results. No matter what the situation, when you need help with investigative services, USI Investigative Services is there to get the job done. Our dedicated team of licensed private investigators will go through any legal means necessary to solve a case for our clients. USI utilizes the latest equipment and surveillance tactics to get our clients the information they need to obtain closure in their cases. We offer next day process service on all civil, court and restraining orders (Emergency Restraining Orders will be served immediately and without hesitation). We specialize in cases involving the following:

About Our Private Investigation Services

  • Surveillance

  • Divorce / Child Custody

  • Child and Elderly Endangerment

  • Restraining / Court Order Enforcement

  • Adultery

  • Civil Process Service 

  • Notary Service 

  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Restraining Orders

  • Missing Persons, Vehicles, Property

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse 

  • Secondary / Parallel Investigations (Criminal and Civil)

  • In Depth Background Checks - Local, State, and Federal Laws Apply

  • Vehicle GPS Tracking *  Local, State, and Federal Laws Apply

  • Special Investigation Services - We Specialize in Solving Problems

USI investigators are experts in the art of surveillance and can provide legal assistance in court for both civil and criminal cases.  We have a proven track record of locating the unfindable. Whether it be property, people, evidence, or information, USI private investigators get the results our clients need.

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